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I very much enjoyed working with you on the wedding project. It was interesting seeing you in the role as ship’s commander. You were cool as a cucumber and steered your ship to its destination. The ship’s crew was on board with you, and you with them. And throughout the snow storm and difficult conditions, you never complained about any hardship. You are a real professional, a credit to your craft.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero


I cannot find the words to properly describe just how incredible Susanna was throughout the entire process of catering my rehearsal dinner and wedding, she went above and beyond in every which way and I couldn’t recommend her more. Susanna’s food was not only incredible, but she pulled off the most amazing food against every odd. People were absolutely RAVING about every single dish that she put out of a 17’ elevated tent’s kitchen that at one point lost propane in the middle of a Nor’ Easter in her first fully kosher wedding! My fiancé and I keep kosher, but I had a dream of getting married in my family’s backyard of our home in Vermont. Kosher food can be hard to come by to say the least, let alone a kosher caterer but Susanna completely rose to the occasion with no previous knowledge of Kashrut laws or what is was going to entail (Sorry Susanna!) But, from the very beginning was open to learning and creating a menu that first and foremost had to be delicious, seasonal and beautiful and secondly had to be cooked in a kosher kitchen, use only kosher certified products, work with a mashgiach to completely certify and kosher her kitchen and not use a single meat or meat derived product because we were going to have a dairy wedding weekend. Susanna catered both nights of our wedding weekend, both with these hurdles and these specifications and created two nights of delicious food that was presented so beautifully (I can’t say DELCIOUS enough) that were both vegetarian and felt completely different. 99% of our guests are not kosher and live in New York where they have access to the best food and every single one of them said it was the most incredible meal, they’d not only had catered but one of the best meals they’d had, period. (The tomato soup passed appetizer was a show stopper). I decided early on that while I had an idea in mind of what I envisioned for the most important meals of my life, I should follow her guidance and listen to the truly EXPERT opinions of Susanna. And not only did it turn out to be incredible, she blew every expectation I had out of the water and was truly a joy to work with. I truly cannot recommend her enough!



The food was divine, the staff was phenomenal and the entire night was just perfect! Thank you so much! We couldn’t be happier, and our guests were raving about everything.


From the beginning of the planning process until the cleaning up of the kitchen, Susanna and her team were totally and unobtrusively in control. They arrived about an hour before the ceremony, went straight to work, and left without leaving the smallest indication that they had even been there (except for all the delightful leftovers they neatly packaged and placed in the refrigerators.) Her food was the talk of the wedding, pleasing everyone and making us proud that even the guests that came from across the country raved about its being the best tasting food they ever had…. so atypical of the usual wedding fare. Of all the decisions that we had to make involving a destination wedding eight hours from our New Jersey home, Susanna’s Catering was by far the most fortuitous. To Susanna and her staff, we attribute the success of the entire day and thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you for providing us with the most extraordinary
food and dinner.

I am so grateful to have had my dietary (vegan & gluten free) needs and restrictions taken so seriously, eliminating any unnecessary stress on my behalf regarding the meal. You and your team truly went above and beyond – and to say everything was delicious would be an understatement.

We cannot thank you enough.


Our guests raved about it – which is a HUGE feat given that we did not serve any meat at our wedding, and we were concerned our meat-eating guests would not be satisfied. As a vegan, I wanted to be sure my guests were satisfied with their meals, but I also wanted to be sure that I’d be able to honor my own ethics at the same time. Susanna’s combination of spices, textures, and truly fresh ingredients made every single dish simply amazing. And the food was as beautiful and creative as it was tasty. Many of our guests remarked “If this is what vegetarian food is like, I could totally be a vegetarian!” Bravo, Susanna, for introducing 150 people to how delicious vegetarian food really can be! Susanna’s menu was seasonal and thoughtful. Not only were the appetizers and our dinner fantastic, but Susanna is also a fantastic baker. We knew after tasting the desserts that we would be able to get a smaller wedding cake because people would be eating Susanna’s desserts instead! I also want to be sure to mention how incredible the staff was. Every single person there was professional and so pleasant to our guests. And I recall vividly walking inside before the wedding ceremony began and seeing Susanna and feeling like she was one of our wedding guests – she truly became a friend to us throughout the process and we feel so incredibly lucky to have found her.


Susanna’s Catering made planning a destination wedding a breeze. Susanna herself went above and beyond during the planning process and it showed the day of. The spread was gorgeous and delicious. The guest were all raving about the food. The servers were all very kind and attentive. I cannot thank Susanna and her staff enough for their professionalism, their safety precautions, and all their hard work in making this wedding (during unprecedented times) a huge success!


I wanted to let you know how incredible this meal and experience was. Your chef was so kind and professional, the meal was better than we ever could have dreamed, and all-in-all this was just such a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for your work in helping put together this menu and making everything happen. I am so grateful.


Susanna helped me put together a private dining experience for me and my wife. From the preliminary reach-out, she was very responsive and helpful in putting together a menu and working out all the logistics. On the evening of the dinner, her chef Anneleise was wonderful and a joy to have over. The meal was better than we ever could have imagined. I would definitely use this company again for any event or special occasion.


I just wanted to thank you for delivering the beautiful meal to my friend and her family.  She sent me a picture and it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t have delivered a more beautiful dinner.  Thank you.

Susanna's Catering