Muddy water blues and a SOB meal to remember

by Susanna on May 7, 2011

The Mississippi was already 10 ft above flood level and looking mighty muddy when we arrived to enjoy the Beale St music festival during Memphis in May.



Held at Tom Lee Park on the banks of the river and hosting over 100 000 people of every age over three days, this festival is more famous for it's huge variety of music and it's muddy conditions more than it's depth of cuisine.

Hey, if you have a craving for a pronto pups or a large waffle cake, you are going to be satisfied, but we learnt early on to enjoy a hearty lunch downtown before joining the eclectic throng of music fans funneling through the gates.

Luckily for us, The weather had been dry for a week before we arrived and it wasn't till the Sunday that the tornado sirens started sounding and the rains began.

After being evacuated from the Gibson Guitar Museum due to shattering glass, we took refuge at the bar in Silky Sullivans with a plan to wedge ourselves under the brass foot rail if necessary.

It didn't happen, thank God so we were able to shoot over to S.O.B (South of Beale) for a delicious late lunch on our last day in Memphis.

Part of the south bluff development which has really enhanced downtown Memphis in the last few years, SOB, Memphis's first gastro-pub offers a small menu of inspired southern cuisine with clever twists as well as a beer menu strong on the micro brews and  food friendly wines.

Every dish we tried was a success;

Pulled Pork Spring Rolls with a Pineapple Salsa

Fried Green Tomatoes w' Roasted Pepper Yogurt Dip

BBQ Shrimp & Crispy Cheesy Grit Fries

Spicy Pork Chop with Leek Mac & Cheese w' Asiago Cream

All good simple foods that showed a love of local and a passion for the different.

We ended our meal with Jack and Coke – a super cool dessert of coca-cola bread pudding  soaked in a boozy vanilla sauce and complimented with home-made Jack Daniels laced ice cream …. yummmmmmmy !!

Well satisfied ,onwards we went to celebrate the beginning of May in Memphis and to help close down the Beale St music festival with the great Betty LaVette powering her stuff in the blues tent.

FYI; The Mississippi is now more than 20 ft above flood level in Memphis, a part of the river has even been closed to barges as their wake is flooding into the low lying homes on the banks and the river walk where we danced to the likes of Macy Gray and John Mellencamp is now totally under water.






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