From mud to music in Memphis and more mud !

by Susanna on May 4, 2011

Heading down to Memphis for the Beale St music festival was a strategically planned trip which would take us as far away from the Vermont mud season and memories of snow as possible and hopefully drop us in the midst of great music, brilliant sunshine and fabulous barbeque food !

Having to navigate around 15ft deep potholes on the way out of town just made us more appreciative of the joy's to come.





Our first stop in Memphis was Central BBQ, a really unassuming joint which started as a stall at the Memphis BBQ fest which rages into town a couple of weeks into May every year.

As we drove in early on a mid week evening, the queue stretched way out of the swing door into the parking lot which we took as a good sign so we parked the car and  joined the snaking line.


The barbed wire fence surrounding the huge smoker was the next sign that these guys mean business and will do all it takes to protect their gear and their secrets


Before long we were at the food counter ordering slabs of slow smoked ribs half dry rubbed and half wet rubbed, pulled pork plates, sides of bbq beans, slaw and greens and pitchers of cold beer. Welcome to Memphis !!!!

My first bite into that rack of ribs was memorable, so deep in flavor and so soft in texture Just perfect !

Then it was time to test out the dipping sauces, the mild house bbq sauce, sweet and rich, the spicy sauce so full of bourbon and heat that you automatically reached for a cold swig of beer to wash it down and the vinegar dip which wasn't sour, just tangy and refreshing on the richly smoked pork.

Mud season in Vermont was forgotten and our tour of the south and it's delicacies had begun.


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