and my all time favorite food was……Wintzell’s fried pickles ?!!

by Susanna on May 23, 2011

What an amazing trip we had traveling from Memphis through New Orleans to Pensacola Beach, Florida 

Two weeks of incredible music, great weather and fabulous food, none of which was cooked by me. Now that is a true vacation !


From the best bbq in Memphis through 50 lbs of authentic New Orleans Crawfish Boil which was dumped on an outside picnic table to one of the best fish dishes that I have ever tasted, grilled skate wings in a ginger broth over grilled fingerling potatoes at the Grand Marlin Restaurant on Pensacola Beach, with the exception of one lousy meal that we were served at Muriels in New Orleans, our tour of the south was filled with amazing dishes and filled me with renewed inspiration.

One dish however stopped me in my tracks and has already made an entrance into my party repertoire – Fried Pickles !

We were traveling through Alabama on our way to the beach and timed the trip perfectly to pass through Mobile right around lunch time so that we could stop in at the historic Wintzell's Oyster House on Dauphin St

Wintzell's was opened in 1938 as a 6 seater oyster bar and is famous for it's great food, especially it's "Oysters-Fried, Stewed or Nude"

There are now a handful of locations throughout the area, we were lucky enough to visit the original one, which although sold by the Wintzell family in the 70's still maintains the original decor and boasts the same great food and service.

The oysters were superb, a mixed platter of baked oysters with toppings like bac'on blue and rockefeller totally hit the spot and the smoked tuna dip was divine.

And then came the fried pickles ! Maybe it is just me with my love of salty sweet and crunch, but I will never forget biting into those light crispy juicy chunks which had been dipped into the tangy briny sauce…….oh my !!!!

We were super impressed with the whole Wintzell's experience and carried on south to our beach house in Pensacola and three days of more great food at the likes of Peg Leg Pete's and the memorable Grand Marlin.

Back home now and heading joyfully into a busy summer of catering. I have however found the time to have one dinner party for some visiting relatives and local friends.

The menu; Fried Pickles followed by a Crawfish Boil and Smoky Pulled Pork

I found a good sounding recipe for the pickles courtesy of Bobby Flay on the Food Network web site

Give them a try……or give me a call and I'll have you over for dinner next time I have them on the menu !!!!



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